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We’ve all been there, including everyone that works at Rockville Auto Clinic, you are on the freeway in the middle of your daily commute to or from work and suddenly your “check engine light” comes on. This little yellow light is also known as a Malfunction Indicator Light. With our equipment and scan tools we can quickly and easily diagnose the issue that prompted the light to come on in the first place.

Is it urgent when my Check Engine Light comes on?

It is always best to get your vehicle inspected sooner rather than later when your check engine light comes on but it is not always an urgent situation. Most likely it has to do with your emissions and the computer in your car is letting you know that there is some irregularity in the intake or output levels of your vehicle.

Conversely, if your malfunction indicator light is blinking it is very much an urgent situation. A flashing or blinking check engine light is telling you that mechanical damage is being done to your vehicle just by having it running. You should pull over, turn off your vehicle and call for roadside assistance. This is definitely a far more serious issue than a steady check engine light but we’ll do everything we can to make the repair process as quick and simple as possible because we understand that life does not stop when your car won’t start.

Emission Repairs Rockville, MD

Let Rockville Auto Center be your emission repair experts. We have the tools and the know-how to repair any exhaust or emission issue you may be experiencing. If you fail your emissions test we can quickly diagnose the issue and service your vehicle to meet Maryland emission standards.

According to the MVA website Marylanders drive over 135 Million miles daily. This mileage count increases every year as well as the pollution created by these vehicles. We can help make sure that your car is running as efficiently as possible helping to keep Maryland’s air as clean as possible. Let us help you be part of the clean air initiative because we are proud of our ability to do just that.

Have questions about emissions or your check engine light? Then drive on in, give us a call, or schedule an appointment online for a time and date that is convenient for you!