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Getting your Car or Truck repaired in Rockville, MD?

So you have an older car or truck and you aren’t sure if you should invest money into fixing it or if you should sell it or trade it in for a new car. It’s got quite a few miles on it, doesn’t run like it used to or heck even it look like it used to. Ageing can be tough thing for anything on this earth not just for automobiles, am I right?

Usually after we get done explaining the repairs here at Rockville Auto Clinic and how much they’ll cost our customers, they will often ask the question, “Is my car even worth that much?”. We can only tell you what it needs. Only you (and most likely KBB) can determine what the car is worth.

Questions we often ask the owners to ask of themselves are: “Is it your only form of transportation?” “ Do you rely on this car for work?” or “Has the car cost you a lot of money in the past?” If you have already invested a lot of money into it, are you ready to throw all of that investing away?”

Maybe perhaps it’s the old truck that you’ve driven since high school and you told yourself you’d never get rid of it? Maybe it was your Grandma’s car and she left it to you when she passed on….

The point is: sometimes these automobiles might have more value than the dealer tells you or what it’s listed as in the Kelley Blue Book. Can you replace the car or truck? Or would it cost more to do that and you are short on money? Maybe you will buy a used one and risk buying someone else’s problems. Can you buy a new one? Can you afford new car payments? What about the added insurance on a new vehicle?

Here at Rockville Auto Clinic we strive for integrity and give straight forward, honest and affordable service. We work hard to take care of or assist you in either deciding to keep on driving that old jalopy or getting your vehicle ready for sale or trade in. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will work with you to make sure your automotive repair experience is as stress-free as possible.

It’s important to us that we keep your vehicle safe and reliable for as long as you choose to remain being the owner of it. Whether that’s in the long term or short term!

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